Notes on the film The Social Network

The first thing I notice: the screenwriters expect viewers to be impressed by how quickly the characters are speaking. I’m thinking of the smartest people I’ve ever met… none of them speak rapidly to demonstrate their intelligence, not even the douchiest. I guess the point is that the young characters have intelligence but not wisdom, hence they speak quickly and without thinking. Still, I find the expectation that viewers are impressed by rapid speech to be almost as insulting at the near-ubiquitous assumption in Hollywood films that they will be bored if the camera remains still for more than a few moments.

And of course, the portrayal of women: I am well aware of the fact that many college-age men think of women as furniture. I suppose the story is told honestly, which is fine. But it is boring, because there is nothing interesting in the presentation of this situation within the movie. This is similar to “Juno”, a film containing a teen pregnancy which didn’t really touch on the issue. I don’t think it’s morally reprehensible, it’s just quite boring.


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